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Us or them? Lake trout

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Damn!! Am I us, or one of them? These reports and threads on our beloved mackinaw makes me wonder. This fish has filled most of my fishing, but the division between the die-hard, do-not show pics, location, anything to do with catching them, ..and the average Joe who wants to say, Hey, caught a couple lakers,.is driving a wedge between both parties that love lake trout. The biggest offenders of the Us,... show us big monsters, but don't want others to? I would like to say I am one of Us, ...having caught and released literally,..well, a few. But I am not, nor will be a member of a group that has only their personal interest in mind.

My opinion, I could be wrong!
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Carp ARE cool, guys... if you're gonna C&R anyway, why not lock horns with a 30-40 inch monster who damn near snaps your rod on the way in?? :)

Not saying they're good table fare, but they sure do dance with ya. ;)
Every Slav on both sides of the Danube and east side of the Caspian Sea will disagree with the table fare sentiment...
That's because they don't have walleye, yellow perch or crappie...

People in parts of central America eat donkey too. You think they would rather eat donkeys or grain-fed black Angus?
Dave M, (goonster),... Opry,....when you have anything intelligent to report regarding lake trout, go ahead and post. My point was,..don't post pics of huge lake trout,..then dis anyone else who does. We, (Us and Them), release anything over 22 inches,....don't we?
My friends call me the king of the dinks, a name I wear proudly. I can catch sub-18 inchers allday long, and I enjoy it! I do have quite a few 30+ inchers to my credit. They are are hanging on the wall. :-*

Nah, biggest kept was pushing 21inches. Only because it was bleeding.

If nothing else, a laker thread is at least always entertaining. ;D So much compassion for for this great fish. If nothing else, the only thing I can contribute and rally around, a slot for Granby. Like the years of past, 24, (I prefer 22) -38 inches, to be released. Who the hell catches anything over 38 inches? Oh yeah,..Redleader,..but I think he releases those, eh?

Sorry for de-railing.

IMHO, all Lakers over 25 should be mandatory release, limits on smaller ones should be 8.

Every fishery has its own challenges and unique characteristics, but I think mandatory release over 25" is a good policy for all of them. GM and Willy's are benefiting from the increased limit, but the biguns are not protected as they should be.
Reminds me of a young Goon, didnt really have any experience about lakers or icing them but sure didn't stop him from chiming in on every topic as if he did :biggrin1:
I've also never played in the NFL. Should I not post in Broncos threads either?

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