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Us or them? Lake trout

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Damn!! Am I us, or one of them? These reports and threads on our beloved mackinaw makes me wonder. This fish has filled most of my fishing, but the division between the die-hard, do-not show pics, location, anything to do with catching them, ..and the average Joe who wants to say, Hey, caught a couple lakers,.is driving a wedge between both parties that love lake trout. The biggest offenders of the Us,... show us big monsters, but don't want others to? I would like to say I am one of Us, ...having caught and released literally,..well, a few. But I am not, nor will be a member of a group that has only their personal interest in mind.

My opinion, I could be wrong!
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:deadhorse: Why can't we just go fishing and have fun anymore? Everyone here makes such a big deal about catching these fish that I can't imagine any of you actually take the time to enjoy it anymore! Get over it! Do your part and try enjoying fishing again! Catch fish, have fun, and keep what your going to eat! Its pretty simple!

SPOILER ALERT!!!! Granby, Blue Mesa, Green Mountain, Williams Fork, Taylor, turquoise, and Twin Lakes all have big lakers in them! Shhhhhh don't tell anyone!
You got it wrong Redleader Westlsloper is a tourney trophy Slimer Man!! good meeting you and the wife this weekend at the Gap....................................$500 for a slimer not all bad!!!
Hey for $500 I'll catch slimers all day! And it was good to finally meet you as well Bob! Your not near the d#$k weed that people say! Lol j/k
Nice, come on over to the big G this weekend, a whole lot more money to be made and fun to be had.
We're not going make Granby this year. It is one of my favorites though. I did however plan a romantic valentines day trip to the twin lakes derby!
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