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In the last week and a half, I have had all of these happen:


  • Shine your "HEADLIGHT OF GOD" on the water shining for eyes.
  • Shine your "HEADLIGHT OF GOD" at the fisherman next to you every F%^&ing time his bait hits the water.
  • Shine your "HEADLIGHT OF GOD" on the water where a fellow fisherman is fishing.
  • Have total disregard for your fellow fisherman by making enough noise to wake the dead.
  • Fish RIGHT NEXT to a fellow fisherman without asking if its ok. Its a big friggin lake c%^&kmuncher, find another spot.

  • Use your "HEADLAMP OF GOD" as least as possible.
  • Consider reducing the lumen output of your "HEADLAMP OF GOD" to say, 3,000 lumens so you don't blind fellow fisherman for 3 miles around you.
  • Be polite. Ask if its ok to fish near a fellow fisherman. Many of us cast parallel to shore and take up a bit of space. We can adjust--just ask.
  • Pick up your trash, especially old line. Pack out what you pack in.
  • Try to be as stealthy as you can. If a dropped lure on an aluminum boat can spook an eye then knocking a 2' boulder into the water aint gonna help.
Just sayin...
Oh Timmy... You haven't been back long enough to be allowed to chastise... :D
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