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Pulled up to Vega this past Sunday for the evening bite...Sam and I slept in that day and also were feeling pretty lazy this resulted in us getting to the lake a little after 3PM. We caught 3 good size Rainbows and a good size Snake River Cutty...All 4 fish were BURSTING with minnows, surprised they even went for my lures. I also caught a crawfish by hooking it through it's claw when it pinched my softbait😂😂

Reservoir was super low, like so many across the state...No ice at all yet.

We kept all 4 for dinner and did a "catch and cook" type video by cooking the trout in our firepit at home. We used two different sets of seasonings and did a taste test at the end. First set was really basic seasonings with lemon/thyme...The second set was this hawaiin lava salt mixture my older sister got my recently. Both were a win win😃 Hope you guys enjoy the video!



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