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TroutFishingBear said:
cutthroat: I bet by your descriptions you were fishing for lakers. There are tricks to the trade to get them to bite once you get them on the vex screen. It is helpful for getting lakers to bite, but it is not necessary to find lakers as they are almost always glued on the bottom anyway.
However, it is great for suspending fish like crappies, rainbows, and kokanee.
Actually, the group was fishing dowdy for browns and stocker rainbows - no lakers there (that we know of).  I didn't use the vex, but watched other try to use it, and the one thing I noticed with all of them, is that they jigged as usual (which was producing lots of fish for everyone else), but as soon as they saw a fish, their jigging pattern and tactic changed (slowed down and less active), and most often the fish swam away!  It was really more of an observation on human psychology than fish behavior, I think.  They probably could have gotten some of those fish to bite by sticking with their typical jigging technique and perhaps changing the timing a little.  

Regardless, I still look forward to gettin my finder for X-mas, and trying my own hand at being frustrated by ornery fish.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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