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I am new to fly fishing. I'm well equipped .... My issue is seeing clearly while fishing. I can't see details in water (fish) while wearing my contact and standard sunglasses so I'm thinking about getting RX sunglasses. Any suggestions on polarized RX sunglasses?
My recommendations are 1.Costa 2.Maui Jim 3.Oakley they are also the top 3 most expensive RX sunglasses that I have used, $500-$850 before insurance and discounts. My $850 Costa's cost me $225 after insurance and discounts plus clerical errors on the optometrists part. Make sure you get manufacture lenses. Most Optical stores use their own labs to make the lenses which are way cheaper in cost, so you may have to request they send them to the manufacture, but BIG difference in quality especially for glasses that wrap. Go to Cabelas or any sporting goods store and try out the glasses with your contacts outside. They do not send them in for RX lenses so you will have to find an optometrist that carries them or can order them for you.

I am new to fly fishing as well but have found that sunglasses are helpful only on flat clear water. I am fortunate to have friends that are trying to teach me to read the rivers and terrain along the banks during the muddy runoff waters. Now I "see" fish where I think they should be!
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