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W. Metro bluegill or bass pond suggestions?

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I have a buddy, who doesn't fish, and his boys (8&10) spent a week at their grandparents in Kansas catching bluegill one after the other back in July. Since then, all they talk about is fishing. I took the boys up to Georgetown two weeks ago and they caught a couple stockers rainbows on powerbait. We also stopped on Clear Creek and I hooked a couple trout, while the boys pulled 'em in. Stockers were dinner, C&R everything else. Anyway... now all they talk about is fly fishing.

For this upcoming weekend, I'm being recruited to join (take) their family fishing, which I'm cool with, but just am thinking a pond or small lake with a decent population of bluegills or small lmb might be an ideal place to go fishing. I have the Fishing Close to Home book and have checked out a few places over the years, but mostly targeted carp. If anyone has any recommendations, I'd be rather thankful. PM if you don't feel like sharing with everyone. I'll keep my trap shut on any spots shared. I don't mind cleaner a stocker trout or two for dinner, but I have no interest in cleaning any gills or bass. I have a few lakes in mind (besides Georgetown) higher up, but would be open to any recommendations as well within an hour or so drive of Golden.

Thanks in advance!
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I live a few blocks north of Crown Hill. Weeds are very nasty at Crown hill right now. Walked the lake and only had a few places I could throw a lure, and still spent half the time clean weeds off of the lures.

All the blue gill or crappie I have pulled out of there are tiny, 3" at the most. There are bass, but with the weeds are making it hard for them right now. Tons of bass fry along the shore right now.
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