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Took the daughter to the ponds this moring. She got her first 6 sunfish and first 2 bass, and she's only three years old must be good genes. NOT, she must have got it from mom. It was a good day and she had fun. Saw alot of bass but was to busy with her to try for them. Just wanted her to catch some fish. Then I went to Quincy this evening but like I said yesterday it's either hit or miss there. Got 1 at about 6pm on a spinnerbait but it shook off when I got it to the float tube. Luckly I got one right before I left a 9:00 on a Storm swimbait. It was only 16 inchs, but hey I didn't get skunked.

My wife and I fished Quincy from 2:30 till 6:00 on Sunday afternoon....I caught one bass she caught 4. Caught first two fish at 3:00 in the far east bay fishing 5" sinking minnows (watermelon & natural), texas rigged weightless. Caught them about two or three feet off shore. Thought we were going to slam them but did not get another fish until we drifted around to muskie cove and my wife landed another one on a small spinnerbait, continued to fish as we drifted around the lake all the way to the water inlet. She then caught two more on sinking minnows in the small cove just south of the inlet pipe. I noticed she was using red hooks and I was using the standard...could have been the difference. All the fish were between 14" and 16".
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