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Walleye fishing in CO

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Thinking of heading out to Chatfield tomorrow for some walleye. All my experience with walleye fishing is from ND on lake Sakakawea from a boat.

This time, I'll be shore fishing. If anyone has any tips on what to rig for walleye in Colorado would be greatly appreciated!!
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In ND, the season doesn't start on the lake until May when the temps start going up after the ice off. We usually start with jigs and minnows and starting in late June or so, spinners and crawlers are used.

I'm not familiar with Chatfield and especially am not familiar with fishing for walleye this early in the year. Should I start with jigs and minnows or perhaps cranks or spoons is an option?

I really appreciate any advice you can offer.
I use a boat but I think minnows and jigs will be fine,crawlers and leechs later. spend some time reading these posts and you can get alot of info on Chatfield. alot of the locals like husky- jerks
Colorado is an excellent walleye state.
Some of my favorites are: Boulder Res, Chatfield, Standley (home of the 18lb state record caught few years ago), Bonny, Pueblo and Cherry Creek.

My biggest is a 31" ten pound eye I caught off the north dam at Boulder reservoir one June evening. She had a 10 inch stocker rainbow in her stomach! :eek:
I caught her by just casting off the dam and retrieving a chartruese twister tail very slowly.

For numbers and size, I like Bonny. I used to catch eyes slow trolling crawler bottom bouncers near the swim beach area during the day, and fishing minnows under slip bobbers at the marina at night!
Thank you all for your help. I went and checked out Chatfield on sunday and it looks to be a great lake. This lake would give me justification to get a boat since I've moved here.

There were probably a dozen boats in the water or so and seemed ok, but I can imagine in the summer it could almost get to bumper boats packed. For those that have gone boating on Chatfield in the summer, does it get pretty crowded?
Hmmm, it depends on your definition of crowded. If waiting for 2-3 hours to launch your boat, jet skis passing within 50 feet of your boat, water skiers falling on your trolling lines and wakes rocking your boat from every direction like you are in a blender. Then yes it is crowded.

From Memorial to Labor Day, I don't fish Chatfield during the day on the weekends. Way too many craft on the water and way too dangerous. It is amazing to me that more people are not killed or hurt on that lake.

Sometimes if it is cold and windy the lake is ok on weekends but that is rather rare. Night time is usually ok but you still get some speed demons out there and people who don't know what their lights are for.

During the week its tolerable usually, though it can still get crowded, but tolerable.

I figured as much. Sounds way too crowded for my liking.
I should mention that there is usually little if any wait to launch or take out on week days. I do fish it quite often during the week.

What I like to use for walleye is about a 3/8 oz. spoon, sink it to the bottom, and do what is called snap jigging. I catch a bunch of walleyes that way, I used crocodiles last year. This year though, northlands new buckshot rattlespoon looks like its the spoon I've always been waiting for to use for walleye, it has the most beautiful action, colors, and sound of any spoon I've ever seen! I jigged up lots of lakers on it this winter!
Besides spoons, I catch them on poppers during the night, floating rapalas when it is dark as well. I also like lipless crankbaits and 4-5" curly tail grubs. Of course, this is shore fishing and I've never trolled for walleye or fished any of your easterners' lakes. All my experience comes from shore fishing the west slope lake juniata. (above purdy mesa, which is hollenbeck)
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