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Derajaman said:
I would really love to get into some walleye fishing as well. I've only caught about 2 or 3 walleye my whole life and they were this summer in the chatfield spillway. I heard they taste great too :) Any tips for the fort collins area besides horsetooth if anyone knows. Shore fisherman as well, no boat unfortunetly :(
Besides horsetooth, there are good walleyes in Boyd, Lonetree, and Lon Hagler. Not too many of the big ones fall to the shore fishermen, though. My son catches Boyd walleyes in the 7 to 9 lb. range, but he does it from a boat. I don't go out with him much because he works weird hours. Oh yeah, Douglas has some good walleyes too. The old regulars there catch them on crawdads fished under a bobber. A weird way to catch walleyes, but they get some.
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