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I catch a lot of walleyes from the City Reservoirs in Grand Junction. That is the only lake around here that has good fishing for walleyes.
The key to walleyes is to target them primarly around the twighlight periods of dawn and dusk. Due to the fact that the sun is so intense in Colorado, some walleyes feed almost exclusively after the sun goes down, and then they stop feeding when it gets totally dark usually. This goes for any time of the year, be it January or July.
My favorite presentation for walleyes is a 3" white, purple, or brown/pumpkin curly tail grub fished on a 1/8 or 1/4 ounce jighead. Usually I fish off rocky dams or near rip rap. Gravel flats and steep dropoffs near shore are also good areas. If the bottom is very snaggy and steals lots of jigs, I will rig my twister tails on a lindy, no snagg timber rock jighead. That really keeps me from losing jigs to the rock gods.
I just let the jig sink and then reel it back in slowly near the bottom, occasionally pausing it for 2 - 4 seconds and then hopping it back up. Usually a walleye bite feels just like a snag except "mushy", and when you set the hook it feels like a moving snag.
Often though, crankbaits far outfish jigs. My favorite cranks are rebel wee craws, rapala tail dancers, bill lewis rat l traps, cordell super spots, and also shad raps. I usually fish cranks once the sky begins to get quite dark, and I fish the jigs before the sun goes down.
Walleyes seem to feed very heavily on crawfish. Perhaps this helps make them even more nocturnal. Match your jigs and crank colors to either crawfish or baitfish patterns. Over here it's always crawfish, as we have no shad.
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