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Walleye Heaven

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A dream came true last week when I got to fish Lake Erie for 5 days straight with my Dad and counsin. I had never fished a lake that big. Before going I was told that I should expect some days in the cabin due to weather. However, we were lucky to have unbelievable weather. We got on the water each day, with only one day having over 15 mph winds. That day it was blowing 22 mph, but we found shelter behind islands and still managed to scratch out walleyes.

I was deligated the captaining duties and we did pretty good for never fishing Lake Erie before. We had days where we caught limits and others were we were only trophy hunting. Each of us caught the biggest walleye of our lives. We caught 4 fish over 30", 9 over 27", and many more over 25". I also forged unforgettable memories with my Dad. The pictures say it all. Out of State counts for PBs!

Generally speaking the morning was tough fishing. Many boats were only pulling out 1-3 fish per day. Being the grinders that we are, we fished every day until the sun went down. Being out on Lake Erie waves for 12 hours can really put a hurt on you! There was a reason we were staying out later than most boats. Eighty percent of the fish were caught after 4pm.

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those are beasts!! sounds like fun, glad you got to do it!
Very Nice!:thumb::thumb::thumb:
What a fishery, not too common for a place to spit out good numbers of trophy sized fish. Nice work!
Nice job Dakota! Hell of a lot a quality fish for sure. Looks like something neither you or your dad will ever forget.:thumb::thumb:
Hell of a trip !!
Great pics !!
I grew up on Lake Erie and just recently took my sister out on a charter boat for her 60th birthday. what a fishery it has become, there were six of us on the boat and we caught over fifty walleye untold amount of white bass and even some steelhead trout. it wasn't always this way, when I lived there the lake was in really bad shape.thanks to a lot of hard work by sportsman and ecologist alike it has become what you experienced. glad you got to go back and enjoy the success story with your dad.
Nice photos. Sounds like a great trip. Just slightly better than what you would catch at Chatfield.... :)
Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing.
Making memories!!

My parents just moved closer to me so I hope to get more time with my pa fishing.

And of course when I catch I big one, I'll make sure to say "Hi mom!" :biggrin1:
Sounds like a great trip! Some great pics of you and your pop.
sick, those are some pigs! Great trip - thanks for sharing!!
Nothing more rewarding than going out on your own, trusting your instincts and gettin at it! Looks like you accomplished the challenge very well. Great looking trip!

I see planer boards.....were you guys using in line weights and spinners or cranks?
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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