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I saw something on these forums about Gander Mountain and being from the Springs I didnt know what it was so I headed to looks like a nifty little site. Anyways back to the topic I posted, on the site I found some seminars they host. Best of all they are free! (atleast most of them)
Here is their seminar site:

This weekend there is a Kids BassMaster Casting competition and a walleye trolling tips and techniques seminar here is the info on the walleye one:

Aurora Gander Mountain Presents
Trolling Tips and Techniques for Walleye
Hosted by Tom "Doc" Johnson
This Seminar is Free!

Meet in the Gander Mountain Lodge
February 19th, 2005 from
(Located at 14000 E. Jewell Ave. Northeast of Iliff & I-225)

Presented by Tom "Doc" Johnson, Professional Walleye Trail Pro and Colorado ESPN Outdoor Show Co-Host. This seminar will begin with the basics on walleye trolling equipment and techniques. Doc will then go into detail on advanced trolling techniques and useful tips which will include:

Boat control
Rod, reel and line selection
How to use planner boards
Various methods to control lure depth
For more information on this or any other class contact us at (303) 750-0055

I'll be at Chatfield getting schooled. LOL

Hey Slayer, you going for eyes or crappies?

Will you let me know how many people are pounding the tower?


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That should be a great seminar, Tom is a very knowledgable fisherman and a great teacher. You can never know it all about fishing (though some may think they do) ::). I would highly recommend going to the seminar, you will undoubtedly learn something that will help you put more fish in the boat. 
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