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Walleyes spawn at Aurora...

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I am just wondering what some of the regulars who fish Aurora a lot think on the following subject...the division of wildlife conducts spawn taking for walleyes at Pueble, Chatfield, Bonny, Cherry Creek? because they arent successful on their doesnt work here for many factors with the primary being fluctuating water levels...for many years I have tried to figure out where the walleyes spawn at Aurora with no luck...there really is any rip rap or running water so it remains puzzling to me because I know they try...even if it isnt successful...I know lots of times at dusk at Chatfield you can hear them in the shallows along the dam...I have yet to see this anywhere at Aurora when the water temp is in the mid 40s...anyone have any thoughts on this?...
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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