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Walleyes.. When do you guys think......

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When do you guys think the walleyes will start feeding more aggressively? My uncle tells me that they hit in mid March to early April like sunfish sometimes. He tells me that sometimes, you'll even do better from shore than from boat.

He's a believer of Big Mac and Boulder Reservoir. Sometimes he'll not even take the boat to these lakes. He uses nothing but curly tail jigs and rapalas and usually has a blast.

What are your thoughts my fellow members?
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In my opinion, the best walleye fishing is in May and June. The best times for trophy fish are before the spawn (spawning usually starts in March here in Colorado) and in the fall as the fish fatten up for the long winter. Throwing large jerkbaits like Husky Jerks and Rogues towards rip rap areas is a great technique for big walleyes in both of these trophy periods.
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