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Wanted: fishing mentor/buddy

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I would have posted this on the off topic board, but I'm looking specifically for a fly fishing mentor.  I'm sure the moderators will move it if they see fit...  Anyways, I'm looking for a someone who wants to share some of their knowledge and experience with a young novice.  My ideal partner would be an older experienced fly fisherman, someone who wants to give a few minutes of instruction here and there, and answer a few questions now and then, in exchange for me lugging the extra gear around (water, lunch, anything else you'd like to have but would rather not carry yourself).  I have a few friends that have been tutoring me a little, but they all have lives that keep them much busier then me.  If your interested PM me or email me at [email protected]
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if you want to float the colorado saturday I would be happy to give you some pointers...but currently I am working on rowing but its good guide practice for me. The river is running dark so I cant promise you a whole lot of fish but what I can do is show you some likely holes and areas that fish well and how to fish it. I can pick that river apart if I'm the guy fishing and someone is rowing, but it's differant for me being behind the oars now.
That is a heck of an offer. I hope he takes you up on it.

Hey TL,
What part of the state do you live in? I fish the South Platte and the Arkansas. I fish once a week year round. I used to guide the SP. I'm always looking for fishing buddies. I usually fish on Mondays or Tuesdays but can if forced to fish on a regular weekend. Sun-Tues are my weekends. I'm going tomorrow to 11 mile canyon. I have a blue Dakota,I'll be dressed like an Orvis advertisment (I get 30-40% off)but I wear a hat with a SIMMS fish on it. IM me for my addy.
spudman: where do you live? i fish eleven mile or the ark just about every week (from c springs) and i have mon and tues off as well. pm me some time if you want to meet or share a ride. i am always looking for people to fish with.
I live in Denver, but have family in Bailey that I regularly visit. My availability is kinda strange but very open. I work 3pm to 3am six days in a row, and then I have 8 days off. I'm willing to travel an hour or so to meet up/fish. I have only a motorcycle for transportaion, so my ability to bring lots of gear is limited. I'm very green, and willing to learn anything on any water. My rod is an 8 1/2 ft 5wt if that's helpful. I can't tell you how excited I am to get responses! I figured I'd get alot of people sypathizing and not many offers.
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