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Ward Pond

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Went and fished ward road ponds last night. I killed them!! My first five casts I caught five Bucket Mouths. The biggest was probly around five pounds. Caught most of them on pumpkin seed plastic worms rigged pitchin style worked very slow. Cast out and wait for it to hit the bottom most bass were hitting it on the fall I caught fish on every side of the lake. Any ways GOOD LUCK!!
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Sounds great. I don't like to ask this, because I can usually find out for myself, but where is Ward Pond? And -- what time did you start your fishing (sounds like an evening trip)? Thanks for the report.
BubbleFlyGuy said:
Sounds great.  I don't like to ask this, because I can usually find out for myself, but where is Ward Pond?  And -- what time did you start your fishing (sounds like an evening trip)?  Thanks for the report.
In Denver,at I-70 &Ward Rd.
Thanks again.
I have pumpkinseed plastic worms...but what do you mean by rigged pitching style?
i went to ward road tonight. fished from 6pm to 9pm. my friend (catfishhunter) caught a 12 inch large mouth. the fish were feeding from about 8 on till we left. i was skunked. :mad: does anyone know if this place ever closes during the night? i'd like to do some nigiht fishing there. also the sign says that onyl boats powered by man are allowed. do you think i fi could get a canoe down there it would count?
I couldnt find anythign about it closing so I woud give it a try and fish it at night. Also yes if you haul your canoe down there it should be legal cause it is propelled by hand.
A canoe is legal as are belly boats as long as you don't have any sort of motor on them.

now i just need to get the boat down the stairs adn back up. you think they'd mind me throwing the canoe over teh fence surrrounding the lake :D
Getting gear down those wooden stairs is a real chore. The pipe railing they put up messes with me more than helps.

I might also suggest hauling any boatage around the west side of the lake on that dirt road rather than trying to port at the NW corner where the stairs dump out. The steep dirt cliff is guarded by a russian olive tree and the area is very swampy.
I went tonight and caught a fat 16.5" largemouth on a topwater lure a little before dark.
These are some of catfishunter's pictures. He couldnt get them to work, so i did it for him. The first is a 14.25 inch largemouth from Ward. The second is a 16.5 inch largemouth from Ward.

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Went to Ward Rd today. Caught a 11 inch bass. Didnt check for small or large mouth. When i get teh pic i will post it. Used a rebel pop-r. sorrry, this is too small of a pond adn my spot is the only one liek it in the pond, so i cannot forfeit my secret spot.
anyone been out here lately i think im gonna head out here in a hour or so see what i can do
I've never tried it i really want to though.Post back if u go.Good luck
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