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I'm heading over to ward in a couple hours and was wondering if anybody has been there lately.I'll repost with reports.
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dunbar i was thinkin of doin the same i went there last week on oh........last tues night. wasnt there for longer then 2 mins... 3rd cast out BANG! got about the 2nd biggest bass ive got out of there yet however after that not a dam thing stayed there for a little over 3 hours or so.....prob gonna end up there here in a hour or so but been lookin for other places to go on here for about the last 30 mins........but maybe ill see ya out there u posted that yesterday!!!well how did ya do?
I wasn't able to go it rained like CRAZY here and i didn't feel like riding my bike in the rain all the way over there.I'm going from 1st to 48th no thanx not in the rain.
yea thats a hell of a long trip on a bike in the rain t dont blame ya
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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