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I found this...hope everyone finds it usefull!!!


Gunnison 2015

*The April to July inflow forecast for Blue Mesa Reservoir came in at 600,000 acre-feet on March 1st. This places the basin in an average-dry condition on the graphs that determine peak flows for the Black Canyon National Park reserved water right and Aspinall Re-operations ROD flows. The resulting one-day peak flow in the Black Canyon would be 4,492 cfs and the ROD flow target at Whitewater would be 8,070 cfs for 10-days. Keep in mind that these flow targets are not officially set until the May 1st forecast so they could change significantly in the next two months. Models indicate that these operations will result in Blue Mesa Reservoir reaching a peak content of 737,000 acre-feet, which corresponds to 89% of capacity and 10*feet below the top of its spillway gates.

From:*Colorado Department of Water Resources 2015

Here's the web page:

And here's a link to the report which this was quoted from.

It's a large report. Seems like they publish this article monthly. Covering all the major drainages.
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