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Its been awhile since i posted a report, so i figured i better get one up here soon or you guys might think i dont fish anymore....

Fished Waterton Canyon with a friend of mine just recently back from overseas...we wanted to hit some water with some bigger fish, but this was close and it worked out just fine. the weather was good, but a bit windy in the morning and very clear. We walked up the canyon a bit to find some open water, and eventually found some runs that were holding fish...but for awhile there it was kinda slippery, i was sliding around like new born Bambi. Patterns of the day were Black Beauties and San Juan Worms...i caught equal amounts of fish on both flies. When it got to be around 10 am it slowed down a bit, but some fish were still feeding. crowds were about what i around noon there were quite a few people working any open water available, but we still managed to find water to fish if you were patient. i did something i never did before, which was catch 3 trout in 3 casts....a new record for me...most of the trout were small, but it was fun none the less....and my buddy caught some trout before he had to leave again.

me, workin a hole

a rainbow...

a little brown...

a brown on the good ol San Juan worm

my buddy bringing one in

another from a deeper run...he spotted this fish and finally managed to hook it after about 30 tries...

a rainbow with a wierd scar...

another of the 30 cast rainbow...

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Looks like a beautiful day man. I've had so much stuff to do at home that I am going crazy with all these reports. I finally was able to head out to wet a line only to get skunked too... Great photos.

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Hatchmaster said:
Those are some great looking trout. Waterton looks like a nice place to fish. Three trout in three casts is something to be proud of!
Take a mtn bike, you'll cover alot of river & is a fairly easy ride ... 6 miles of fishing up the canyon, it's about two miles downriver to chatfield with a rideable path. In summer, the stretch to chatfield has a million mosquitos, the canyon is fine though, maybe a few flies will bite ya.

If youre in the upper section (near rattlesnake shelter/commode) at sunset watch out for the bats, theres a ton of em. Seemed like they were swooping in on my dry fly. i had one hit me in the chest while riding down, was freeky. Im not sure if the bats come out in winter though. You will see lots of other wildlife too, the bighorn sheep are cool. Once, A group of about 6 crossed the river by me while I was wading, the large male stopped and stared at me while the others crossed. I thought it was wise to get in a little deeper water, that thing was like 10 ft from me & definatly a big animal

upper section fish seem less pressured & is very fun. especially if you try to exceed the 16" minimum. Ive caught a few woppers about 3-4 miles up using streamers drifted down tailwater. One day I netted about 20 smaller browns in an hour right below dam using a cahill. Runoff season can suck somedays, unless you like fishing in chocolate milk

I always check the streamflow before going there, so I know what spot i want to hit ahead of time. I know the layout of that river like the back of my hand .... go get em!!!

I rode all the way to the dam Sunday, and everything is open except for about a quarter mile above the Martson Diversion Dam, but everything else is completely open
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