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I've been fishing Watson Lake north of FTC on and off for the past couple weeks. Smallmouth action has been pretty good.

Wade the shoreline and look for rocky areas that drop into deeper water quickly. Youll find the smallies within about 10 feet of the shore. I've caught them on inline spinners like a Panther Martin but the thing they've dug the most is a texas rigged plastic worm.

I found that a 4" worm and size 2 hook give the most consistant hook ups. I'm using a 1/4 oz slip bullet weight and just hop the worm along the bottom. crawdad-ish colors are good but they also liked a chartruse flake worm as well.

Fish seem to be hanging out near old spawning areas so if you see old beds, you may be in for some action. Water temp is 65 degrees. Average smallie size has been about 13" with the biggest being about 16". I also managed to catch one rainbow, a nice one at 16". Otherwise, I haven't seen any trout.

I had a whole roll of film get screwed up but here is one pic that gives you the general idea.

When I'm not hitting the smallies, I'm usually after LMB. It's been a good spring in the FTC ponds. Here's some more proof:

18 incher

I think this one was around 16"

As always, all were released.

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