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I'm headed out to Colorado this week for some "spring" fishing. It looks like you guys are in the middle of a BLIZZARD!! How bad is it between Denver and the South Park area?
Thank you,
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I'm 35 miles south east of Denver As of right now-- Do not come to the front range! We got 6" on the ground with 35 mph winds :mad:. Check the curent radar for the area you will be going thru and to.
Stay where you are. Seriously. This storm isn't expected to let up until tomorrow A.M. It's coming down sideways here in SE Aurora.
Find a good hotel and stay where you are, foothill are expecting 2 to 3 feet acording to the 9 News.
Good luck
Wow, that's almost scary!! I'm not planning on leaving here until Tuesday morning, so hopefully the roads will be in passable shape by then. It's 80 here today and believe it or not, if I were in my cabin already, with the fireplace on, I'd rather be there.
Thanks for the replies. The weather channel here says it's rough but they don't give the details.
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