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Weekend Fishing and Camping. Where to go?

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Hey all,

I have a buddy that wants to head out somewhere next weekend to fish and camp... any suggestions?

Places I haven't fished this year and are potentials: Glendo, Green Mountain Reservoir, Pueblo and Big Mac (not out of a boat yet). He's got a 21 foot rig so we can fish all night or all day.

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I'd reccommend grand county. AM=willow creek. PM=Granby/ inlet
Tough call can't go wrong with any of those choices.
Yeah, you know we're in the dead of summer when things generaly slow down, and so you get a kithcen pass from the wife to beak away for the weekend, and you say to yourself where to go for the best opportunity... decisions.... decisons thanks guys.
i've had A TON of luck trolling in front of the dam at Blue Mesa. Get there about 1 1/2 hours before sunset and use either F9 Rappala's or Tasmanian devils. The Kokanee's hit like crazy. If you use the raps, use F9 rainbows or F9 browns.
Have a great trip where ever you go.
11-mile,bro! only 2 hours to the best trout lake in the state!
Since I just got back from Gunnison County, and had a blast I would have to recommend going there. THis was my first fishing trip up there and I was not dissapointed, now when I'm out on the ark catching 8-10 inchers I will be day dreaming off all the huge ones that I hooked into but didnt land up there.
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