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Started at Crystal and caught 8 rainbows that were all about 10-12 inches. My son caught 2. One on powerbait and one on a Kastmaster. I'll cast it out and let him mess with it on the retrieve. First time he got one. Started to hail and he isn't hard enough so we left.
I dropped him off at home and went to pueblo and fished the Arkansas below the damn. Caught a few dink Browns and a rainbow. Saw a guy fly fishing hook a real good size trout and he fucked with it for about 5 minutes. "Fighting" it. Wore that fish out man. Then he only took a minute or two reviving it and off it went. The guy on the other bank was pissed. Was chucking his lure at him and everything.... Anyway ended up walking up to the anticline pond. Caught a few other dinks there. Nothing big just fun.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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