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well back at the river below j-martin

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well went fishing tonight caught some nice cats will have pics
later when the roll gets back from walmart

but had a good time
thought i was deep sea fishing tonight
i hook into what im thinking was a turtle about 50 + #
he pulled line out and out and out then i would do like those
deep sea fishermen slowly pick up and reel down
well this went on for about 35 min. or so
and i gave up and said to my self i can make him come in
well i broke an old pole tonight and lost one hook

but i had fun thinking i was deep sea fishing
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this is a pic from last weeks roll no fish but i did pull in
this monster he was about 30#

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Damn,thats a nasty lookin critter!Sounds like fun!
Did you eat the turtle? What were you using for bait for the cats?
well for bait perch i have been using the whole perch
2 and 3" perch

yes my boys wanted me to bring the turtles home to eat
but i didnt think i have a pot that big

lots of soft shell and snapping turtles in the river this year
Have you seen many quail down by the river this year? I have a lease a couple of mile down river where your fishing. good times down that way in the winter hunting quail with my dogs. never have fished the river except shooting a few ducks and snows.
yea lots of birds this year
ive caught two turtles this year on chicken liver at big thompson ponds . are they good to eat and how do you cook them
Nice turtle .. Doesnt look big.. heres mine that weighs a few oz.
if you look at that pic of the turtle you dont see the
4/0 hook but you can see the 50# string

i let him keep the hook but had to retie the rest and cut about 4 foot off of my main line he did a number on it
Ya I've hauled in a couple of good size turtles from ponds off of the Arkansas river. They feel like lunkers but its pretty scary when you finally realize what they are and its in the middle of the night also hard to get the hook out when they're trying to take a bite out of you.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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