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This is my first report to the here goes.

Had a great day at Wellington #4 Tuesday. Arrived at 5:30 just as the sun was about up. Set up my kayak and hit the water. Caught at least 6 in the first hour trolling a small pink and blue Blue Fox. Sky was clear, no wind, no weather at all. High for the day was around 82. Water temp about 63 at the surface.

People started showing up about 9ish. The shoreline was crowded by noon with jackasses blairing their car radios. You could hear it from across the entire lake (which isn't huge...but still)

Caught close to 30 trout and 2 wiper paddling around. Never caught wiper before. Holy cow...was that fun. They took line so fast, I had a hard time tightening the drag fast enough. No pics of fish (you've seen one trout....), but many were in the 14-16" range...quite a bit bigger and thicker than what the shorecasters were bringing in. Brought a couple home for dinner...I wasn't expecting the meat to be so pink...and tasty.

If you get there early, you can avoid the crowds...I recommend getting out away from shore...marked bigger fish in 11 FOW, suspending between 5-7' about 50 yards from the west shore.

I worked pretty hard on my kayak since October, so I HAVE to post a few pics.

Lip Ripper
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