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Wellington Lake is proud to announce some amazing fishing!
Thanks to some assistance from the good people at Aqua Sierra, Wellington Lake is undergoing several changes with the goal of becoming a gold medal lake
We have heard from several of our guests that say the fishing is incredible. One of our guest reported catching over 30 fish in just over 4 hours. A dozen of those were over 3 pounds and over. I, personally, caught 2 lbs , 15.5 inch beautiful Rainbow in less than 5 casts
We are privately owned lake, 11 Miles south of Bailey,CO. Visit our web site - for more information.
We have stocked once this season with two more stockings on the schedule for this summer. All of our fish our pond raised and guarantee a fight!
At this time, We are catch and release, no live bait, and ask that you use barbless hooks or bend the barbs until we get our fish population up to gold medal standard's!
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