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Brought my son to a little pond nearby the house to teach him to cast a fly rod. Ended up breaking my Orvis Clearwater rod (I did, not him). So I go to Orvis and they say $150 to upgrade to the next level with the broken rod trade-in or $300 to go to their top-tier Helios 2. I took the expensive option and am now the owner of an $850.00 rod.

Anyway, I then decided that I could not stand the way I felt when my only fly rod broke so what did I do? I went to Discount Fishing Tackle and bought a TFO Pro 2 Series 4WT 8' rod with a no-name reel (that I am impressed with btw).

So I started my day with one $200 rod/reel and ended it with one $250.00 rod/reel and one $900.00 rod/reel. This is all after spending $100 yesterday at a fly sale and another $125 earlier in the week on fly's. I am set now.

If you see me near a fly shop please tell me to turn around and take a time out and some deep breaths.

That is all.

PS. There is a huge pro tip in there. The Clearwater was about $200. Broke it and then $300 more and I have an $850.00 rod. Uh, I am not going to break it down for you any farther if you happen to have $500 laying around I hope you figure this one out.
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