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Hi Guys

We had to change our Internet Service Provider, so we have had no Internet access for the last week or so....but we are now back.
It is Saturday morning (the 13th) and we are all ready to hook up our boat and have everything ready for camping at Chatfield, but we are having some heavy misty rain going on at our house in Parker. So, we will wait until later today and see if the weather clears up enough to head out. The wife and I just can not afford to get sick from the weather.
If the weather doesn't clear up today, we will wait until tomorrow morning and see how it is. Hopefully, it will be better and we can take everything to Chatfield. If it is still raining in the morning, we will leave the boat, etc. at home and just drive to the lake and see who shows up.
Darn! We have paid for a campsite for today and tomorrow, paid for a boat slip for both days and were completely ready for this "fishing weekend". We will just have to see how the rest of the weekend goes (weather wise).
Cody (cowboy)
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