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Went to Groundhog with my brother-in-law on the 14th. Got on the lake around 7:30 and fished til 11:30 when storms blew us off the lake. We were both using our 8 foot pontoons with me using flies and my BIL using lures. Actually didn't get blown off, but with dark clouds rolling in and thunder claps decided it was time to call it a day. Fishing wasn't great. Caught one and BIL caught two.

Lake seems to be full pool but water temperature is a bit high. Started at 65 degrees and when I got off at 11:30 the water temps were fluctuating between 67 and 68. Had my fish finder (Hummingbird Fishing Buddy 120) rigged up but didn't mark many fish. We mostly trolled around the edges of the lake between 10-20 feet. With the water temperatures I am guessing most of the fish were in deeper, cooler water. Wanted to fish out into the lake but with the weather the way it was I didn't want to be stuck out in the middle of the lake having to row like mad to shore if lightning started.

We stopped by Miramonte Lake on our way back to Naturita and it looks like the lake is down just a bit but still close to full pool. Was hoping the weather would cooperate so we could try there in the afternoon but same storms hovering around Lone Cone made it a no-go. I understand after the CPW poisoned the lake there are some brooders and holdovers that made it through that might be available as we fish it more often than Groundhog and seem to have it dialed in.

Sorry no pictures. Camera got soaked in the rain and hail storms so didn't get much use out of it.
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