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What are the best flies to use for pike and muskie

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I am just wondering what you guys have been catching pike and muskie on. ???
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Local author Barry Reynolds' book on Pike fishing has lots of recipes and fly pictures. Bunny flies (bunny strip tail and bunny palmered up the hook shank), deceivers and buggers are probably the most popular around here. You should be able to find Reynolds' book in most FF shops.
I've done some pike fishing over the last few years and I've always used a leader of straight 25# hard mono. I use a Duncan knot to allow the streamer more movement on the terminal end, as I would fishing any streamer.

This is a pretty good site if you want more info on terminal tackle, like steel leaders, and other gear that's helpful for pike fishing. I assume everyone sees the need for long nosed pliers and jaw spreaders:
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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