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I have fished the Colorado River for decades over here on the Western Slope. Really heavily over the past few years, and have never caught any trout that looked like these. I'm curious to hear/see what people think? Are these just off-colored rainbow trout?

Pictures are of two fish and they look like a cross between a Kokanee and a tiger trout. Both had very feint tiger trout patterns but chrome/silver like a Kokanee. I have several pictures attached below. I feel like they're tiger trout haha but that shouldn't be the case.

Fish 1 wasn't the best pictures due to the fish getting off really quick
Fish 2 Better pictures, I used a detail enhancement filter on these to show the pattern of the trout better.

These will be in seperate videos i'm making in the near future but I wanted to share these photos ahead of time to see what people thought...Again, I'm VERY CURIOUS to know what people think.


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