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The smaller lake trout in Granby feed primarily on Mysis shrimp, not plankton and are in good shape. I talked to Ester at Northern water and they are doing an isolated study on water enrichment at Willow cr. but as a water quality manager she said they work hard to remove the algae and clean up the water so I don't think we will see planes flying low while they fertilize our reservior any time soon. That leaves Granby dependent on Environmental conditions that creates poor conditions for Kokanee in times of extended high water conditions. The lake trout do just fine on a mysis diet but they seem to get hung up at 19" and 20" on the mysis diet and quit growing. This is a good thing otherwise we would have Blue Mesa's problems of fish growing too fast. I have noticed 2 different specie's of lake trout at Granby, the darker colored ones found mostly suspended seem to be the ones that grow faster. Some parts of the lake the large fish are doing better than others. The ones that have adapted to living deep feeding on their siblings are doing just fine. Here's a picture of one I caught the other day that wiggled out of the mouth of a large one. With Rainbow stocks down to an all time low at Granby and 2 hatcheries down due to fires. Rifle is hard pressed to get enough stockers out. Our rainbow fishery has suffered due to this and the Kokanee have done poorly the last few years due to the water conditions. Some of the large lake trout are thinner now and thats expected but they still provide opportunities and will be fine. This same thing happened in 99. When the forage base bounces back they will gain weight accordingly but some will always be lean and others have better girths. I'm working now on compiling all the rainbow stocking data at our lakes to get a look at what we are getting per surface acre compared to other large reservoirs. Lakes without Mysis like Green and Willies the small lakers feed on plankton and we see similar growth struggles with few getting past the magic 18" to 20" size.
Most lakers I've caught out of Williams fork had bellies full of crawdads....
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