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Good thread! Colorado has great diversity of wildlife, terrain, climate and FISH!

Species: Best of species 2005:
Rainbow trout 18 inches
Brown Trout 20 inches
Northern Pike 28 inches
Yellow perch 10 inches
black crappie 10 inches
White crappie 8 inches
largemouth bass 20.25" 4.9 lbs.
smallmouth bass 17" 3.5 lbs.
bluegill 10 inches
green sunfish 8 inches
common carp 22 inches

I have also caught a 24" Donaldson steelhead and an incredible 28" rainbow but that was on private property and not sure that counts.

This is a green sunfish, correct? (see photo) The hybrids are a mix between bluegill (or green sunfish) and white crappie...correct? I've gone over the fish ID photos and still a bit fuzzy on the subject.
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