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what sun block do you use

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i use bullfrog but went to go get the kids some and well can t seem to find it
but was wondering what kind do all of you guys use and how good are they
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You're probably going to laugh, but I have found a very inexpensive brand that :

1) DOes not smell

2) Is not very oily after application

3) Doesn't stain boat carpet and girls clothes ;)



It's at the grocers and the discount's called " NO AD"

I get the strongest PBA stuff, and never have a problem burning, even if I am out all day in the WY sun!
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Hell if you saw me right now you'd see I dont use any. Not that I don't try to its just I never remember till its to late

I've been peeling for the last 3 days so I'm with you there Jay. I have some in the jeep that I always forget. Usually anything around 45 spf if I remember to use it, I dont really care about brand as long as its water proof. However I found out (the hard way) the cheaper ones make sure they are not expired, because they are usually oil based and when they expire they seperate and its like putting cooking oil on you. Then baking you in the sun.
BullFrog Gel SPF 30! Started using it down on the Texas coast on those all day Redfish expeditions!! Doesn't clog the pores and stays on! Tim
I use the No Ad stuff too. I put it on before I leave in the morning in case I forget. I keep a bottle in the boat in case I get the feeling that most has rubbed off during travel. By putting it on first thing, at least I tried...
Oh, I just remembered, check the Sunday ads, I think Bull Frog was on sale at either Walgreens or Rite aid.
Coppertone Sport #48

I have red hair and very fair skin

it seems to work the best
BULLFROG, hands down winner. I was born and raised in California and spent a huge amount of time in the ocean and that stuff was the only sunblock that was truly waterproof. It really works well.
see thats just it we dont have a walgreens so i need to find me some well not for me but my wife and kids ;D
walmart dont carry it any more
glad to read that alot of you use sunblock
its needed if your very white or if your like my wife clear
several used:

i use a brand called pre sun in spf 30. it is a clear odorless, grease free gel. i apply it before leaving home.

then during the day i use coppertone sport spf 30, in a spray, so the hands don't need to get polluted.

i also use a coppertone spf 30 in a big stick that goes on the nose, face, ears etc. pretty easy.

they all awork well and do well when sweating etc.

the key is put it on and do it a few times per day. i hate greasing up, but i also hate burning and peeling for a week! and probably will hate skin cancer in the future for not putting this stuff on all the times i got burned!
Young uns, please take sunburn seriously. In my 20s & 30s there was no such thing as water proof sun screen and I got a few burns when I was having too good a time to get out of the mid-day sun. Was no big deal then since the burns appeared to heal with no visible damage. About age 50(6 years ago) permanent dark blotches, crusty dry spots, warty lumps, and lots of wrinkles started and continue to appear, even though I have been careful to protect exposed skin and limit my outdoor time to mornings & evenings for the last 15 or so years.

I wish Bullfrog 36 was around when I was younger.

Since she refused treatment, my neighbor's skin cancer will eventually kill her, according to her doctor.
Nawanda said:
I've never used any. Is it useful?
Nawanda said:
I've never used any. Is it useful?
Yeah it is Nawanda. With our thinner astmophere in Colorado and the reflection off the water. Not using will dry your skin and increase your risk of skin cancer drastically. If there is one thing you never want to see is a person who has had their nose removed because of skin cancer. (my wife's uncle died from melanoma) Not pretty at all and if you get to that point most likely you will die. Additionally they say that extended UV exposure breaks down the colagen in your skind and causes premature wrinkles.

I use an spf 30 on my face and usually a 15 on my arms and legs. There are lots of different brands out there The NO-AD is good, Banana boat etc. I don't think that there is a lot difference in the brands as long as you reapply often. Even if they say they are waterproof reapply often, more frequently than any recommendations on the label. I also usually wear a hat, it helps keep some of the sun off.

I agree with dan the man,it really doesnt matter as long as you USE it!I use 30#,always have some with me,and I apply it before I get out of the car.Otherwise by the time I remember it, its too late.
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