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Crappie - The only fish I know that can be wrapped away and frozen for months after months and then still taste fresh after thawed and cooked. Try the crappie BLT sandwiches with special tartar-mayo. It won't let you down. Food that goes straight to the arteries. I love it!

Wiper - is good if you know (or know someone who knows) how to cook it. I prefer spicey wiper lab (tbmanivong knows what I'm talkin bout).

Catfish - lightly breaded fillets fried in peanut oil are extremely yummy. I've only tried channels. Are there any variations in taste when it comes to blues and/or flatheads? Who likes which best of the whiskered fish family?

Brook trout - (between 6" & 8") cooked on a stick over a camp fire with salt & pepper... I prefer this over corndogs any day. Add lemon pepper if you wanna get fancy.

Lake trout - These in the 18" to 20" inch ranger are welcomed on my charcoal grill any day. Mmmmm.... And I like that pink flesh heavily seasoned & buttered.

Common Carp...... "Yeah, right..."

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