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Favorite for fish caught in Colorado - fresh kokanee, rubbed down with salt, pepper, garlic, wrapped in foil and grilled 'til they start sizzling!

Yellow perch or catfish fillets dredged in flour before being sauteed in butter are a close second.

Favorite fish overall? Freshly caught albacore (man I miss saltwater fishing), steaked, rubbed with a bit of salt, a bit of cayenne pepper, and a dash of garlic, grilled over mesquite coals and devoured hungrily, messily, and noisily!

Number two overall would be a mess of Australian sand whiting fillets, dredged in flour, salt, and red pepper before being sauteed in butter.  For those of you who don't know, the sand whiting I'm referring to (Sillago ciliata is a small inshore fish that looks a lot like a bonefish with an extra dorsal fin.  It doesn't get as big as a bonefish, nor is it in the same family, but it lives in the sandy shallows and is a very popular sportfishing target in Australia.

Now I'm really hungy, and drooling! Does drooling on a keyboard hurt it? I guess I'm about to find out!
61 - 65 of 65 Posts
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