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Pike fishing can be day to day or hour to hour. You just have to keep trying and learning. It's all about experience and time on the water. Read as much as you can on pike fishing, watch videos, but most importantly do not get discouraged. Keep huckin'. This time of year with water temperatures where they are the bigger pike are definitely deeper and most likely relating to main lake structure. There will always be smaller hammerhandles in the shallows because they can handle the warmer water. Once the first sign of fall comes with the first frost the water temps will start to come down and the pike will move shallow again for colder water. Time of year is a big part of being successful, but also being able to determine their mood and using the appropriate presentation will take you time. They have to eat on a daily basis and you know they are present in good numbers. Keep trying and do some research on Pike fishing. Tight Lines!
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