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I was at Spinney about 3 years back and never had caught athing until then,,,,I happend to catch about a skinny 20 inch "hammer handle" Pike...Actually that was my first pike....After a great fight I was releasing it when a guy started screaming....THROW IT ONTHE BANK!!THROW IT ONTHE BANK!!THROW IT ONTHE BANK KILL THAT FISH!!
The fish was gone by then when I confronted him about why he was saying to kill the fish...He stated that before the Pike were introduced Spinney was a world class gold medal Trout water....after the pike had decimated the trout population and that the stocking the DOW was doing was just feeding the pike, and now because of this the DOW was asking fisherman to harvest (kill to that other guy) all PIKE.... Well we all know that this rule of no bag limit for pike is still in effect and now it is state wide....However I can understand the point of some die hard Trout fisherman just as your passion is for the Pike...Now that this rule has been in effect people are stating Spinney is on its way back and in a couple of years fisherman will be seeing those days again of old were a 10-12 pound rainbow is not just a dream but a Spinney reality....I think all fish should be helped and managed and allowed to live where they are native or allowed to live and grow in a lake not native but managed..I think Spinney is a trout lake....not a Pike lake however I am in favor of making a Pike lake that is manage to get Pike to be trophies and not be just a KILL ALL PIKE state...

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