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Just need to know where we can go get some, what they come in or to keep them in, and how much approx they are? I am going to be brave and try them, now that one of you has convinced me they are not the vampirish blood sucking lil monsters I thought they were! :eek:

And is there any place open at night that sells them, like they do worms?

Thanks in advance!!!

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Leeches are usually sold in styrofoam containers with plastic lids or just small plastic cup/bowl with a lid. There are usually a dozen per container. They generally run around $3 per dozen. I think you would have to hit somewhere like Gander Mountain to get them in the evening.

Keep them cool and out of the sun. Make sure the water they are in is clear and not pink or cloudy. If you have leftovers give them fresh water (non-chlorinated)and refridgerate them. Be sure to change the water every few days. If you have room in a cool place for a styrofoam minnow bucket you don't have to change the water as often.

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