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Take your pick, folks...

  • Delaney Buttes Lakes

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  • Arkansas River

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  • Miracle Mile/Grey Reef Wyoming

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  • Spinney

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Where should the ColoradoFisherman Flyfishing trip be?

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These were some of the locations brought up recently..if you can think of another place that would support a group trip feel free to bring it up. Right now the time frame we will be shooting for is this fall around October or November...
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I've been out of touch on the forum for a while - trying to finish my degree that I've been doing off and on for the last 20 years,
The flyfisherpeople at my work do a group trip to Spinney every year. It isn't the true river flyfishing experience but the area is certainly large enough to support a group and the openness allows visibility to how the other folks are doing and fosters some good natured joking around and ability to help the less experienced.

Just an idea.

By the way - given the choices in the poll above I'd like to hit the Arkansas - never fished it.
I choose Delaney Buttes however Spinney has a great ring to it if you add it I'd like another vote...I have never fised the Grey Reef that sounds very interesting if that is where we choose I'm game.... The Arkansas is a fine river...however not as a a large group trip option in my opinion.

i voted for delaney because i have never been there and am always up for someplace new
I like the Spinney idea...but I am happy to go anywhere!
Rottal can you put Spinney on this poll? and I already voted for Delaney so if they do put Spinney on this poll and you have not voted and would like Delaney....make a vote for Spinney because I have already voted for Delanney 8) No I am not a lobbyiest or a politician...

But WE need your vote...Vote Spinney in 2005!!

Paid for by the flyfishers for Spinney campaign not affiliated with any other body of water....etc...etc..etc..
I already voted for Delaney was my second choice over the Mile, but for logistical reasons (licenses, travel, ect ect) i had to choose Delaney after i thought about i cant vote for ya TroutHunter....sorry, that would be a breech of voting etticut. (is that how you spell it...) if you want to retract your vote let me know, ill change it... ;)
what section on the ark were you thinking of?
I'm game for any of them if we head to delanney or spinney i'll probably bring a shot gun for fun
I voted for Spinney, but like the Ark as well. These are both fairly close to me. You may want to find out what type of fly fishing does everyone prefer, die hard nymphers or die hard dry fly fishers may want to choose different. I like Spinney as we can fish the lake, the south platte between 11-mile and Spinney or the rare occasion that the fishing is off on both those we could trek over to 11-mile canyon.
Ya know we could just hit each one say the Arkansas in August, Spinney in Sept Delanny in Oct and Grey reef in November. I imagine a couple of us could make each trip and for us unmarried lucky guys maybe make all 4 ;D
things to keep in mind if delanney - it needs to happen as early in the fall as possible. three key reasons - 1)CDOW harvest the browns there in the fall for hatchery eggs and my buddy up there in walden that owns northparkangler fly shop says that stirs things up and makes the fishing terrible for weeks after. 2) north park can get cold early, in fact a normal year there is a decent lid on the lakes capable of ice fishing by mid november. 3) lodging is limited up in north park, unless this is a 1 day thing. even at that its 3+ hour drive one way.
CDOW harvest the browns there in the fall for hatchery eggs
i read that the dow hasnt stocked browns in colorado for several years do you know if they are doing this for some sort of exchange with another states dow?
The other thing that sucks about North Delanney about the 3rd week of September those Browns get up on the Dam and there is always about 3 morons that consider good fly fishing skills to pull a large streamer through the mass of fish. Was one of the only days I've been fishing where i was so disgusted with what people were doing i left. I have fished Delanney the last 3 years on the duck opener whihc is early October and a size 12 tan scud works great.

Good point about Delaney's....Rotal now that you have Spinney up there as an option can you change my vote from Delaney's to Spinney? Anyone else want to change their vote to spinney?

For those who want lodging I know Chaparral Park General Store has Camping sites / spaces w/ electrical a bunk house for $20 /night you get your own bunk or brand new lodge rooms for $60.00 (I know becuase the company I work for designed their web site and have seen the new construction with my own eyes its nice). That is right by spinney and we all can either camp...or go up for the day everyone has their own choice?

Like I said earlier, I'm a novice flyfisherman, so I'll go anywhere, but I casted my vote for Spinney since I'm sold on the accomodations posted by trouthunter
well folks, so far the Ark is ahead...but Spinney is not too far behind. well give it a few more days and then make a decision from there ;D
rottal you can change my vote to spinney. that would be a chance to both river and lake fish
Rottal did you change my vote to Spinney as well?
Great point gold medal river plus gold medal lake hard to beat plus no need for new fishing license and if some guys want to camp or stay the night before or after they can do so as well as the guys who want just make it a day thing only 1 hour from springs and 2 hours from denver...and I think 4 hours from grand junction...


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