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I have to second 1eyeRed on the Kastmaster. This Colorado boy stuck in Nebraska fishes for whites from the first of July till dove hunting starts Sept. 1. My favorite lure of choice and frankly the only lure I take with me when I fish specifically for whites and wipers is silver kastmasters. Cabela's sells them as silver spoon kits where you can buy 5 lures for 7.50 to 10$ per 5 making them far cheaper for lures then Kastmaster brand. I throw primarily the 1 ounce model with some 1/2 ounce as backup. The 1 ounces throws a heck of a long way. I still catch 4 and 5 inch fish on occasion when the little ones torture me. This convinces me I am not too large. I retrieve it one of two ways. When the schools are red hot, I cast strait into or just past the pod of fish and reel like a mad man with my rod horizontal to the water. I use powerpro braided line so I get the casting distance of a small diamater line while gaining the strength necessary for some of the 5-10 pound fish we get our hands on. The braided line also has no stretch so as soon as the fish hits my line, the hook smacks into the corner of his mouth and fish on. The other method is in search of fish that are not currently on the surface crashing bait. This entails casting as far as possible in a fan pattern. Depending on depth of water where you are casting and the depth the fish are at, you count down the lure and then begin a slow retrieve. I normally count to 5 where I fish along a dam here in south central Nebraska. Then I hold my rod tip high to the water and retrieve slowly. This immitates a injured shad that wobbles and is trying to escape. Between feeding frenzys, the whites search around for left over stunned or crippled bait and I pick up my occasional fish with this tactic. Once the school hits the surface again you are right back in the action without having to change lures. My 2 cents.
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