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Who said Skaguay doesnt spit out good Northern Pike? Pictures Inside!

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Hi guys(And gals). Im a new member and I live out in the Falcon area. anyway, me and my dad went fishing yesterday and cought this monster. My dads friend is a taxidermist so we sent it to him and got it mounted. It weighed 17 pnds and was 41 inches long! My dad cought it on a fake minnow. But the cool thing was that it had scars all over it from where a propeller recently hit it. And there was teeth marks on its back. I dont know if there was a bunch of fish going at it or a bigger northern tried to get it! Well anyway, thanks for reading and I just thought I would share this with you all!

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Great pike. One that size is like wrestling an alligator.
Well actually it wasnt. It didnt pull or anything. It like hit it and started to come to the surface. It didnt even pull hard. My dad said hes had 1/2 pound trout fight worse. I think its because when the propellar hit it and it was still in shock. It was really wierd.
did you take some pics of the carnage and when it gets mounted are you having the carnage show or going to "patch it up" i think it would be cool to show off the carnage in the mount

nice fish by the way and welcome to the site
ya he said he would touch it up. I talked my dad out of it and told him to leave it. It was awesome. The teeth marks amazed me greatly though.
That fish is sweet. I knew there had to be some big guys in there. I was there on Sunday with my sister and i caught 3 pike all about 17 inches long. We also caught a bunch of trout, but i was trying for the big pike. What part of the lake were you on when you caught it? I caught mine by the inlet on the east side shallows.
Nice fish and great job Craig!
I had heard Skaguay had pike in it at one time but everyone I talked to lately said they hadnt seen any in a while. Was this the only pike you guys caught? Was it down by the inlet?
Wow that is a sweet pike...Great job and welcome to the forum.

How come I don't see trees in the background?
The only way this story could have a better ending is if you said it was released and you're gonna get a replica mount.
amazing fish...thanks for sharing the post and picture!

Pike are one of my favorite fish species. They deserve a lot more respect in this state in my opinion.

The weak fight may be a result of the tough time this guy had lately with boat motors and fending off other pike. This fish may not have had enough energy stored to give that huge pulling surge they are known for.
from the sounds of it that pike was on its way out killing and mounting it may have been the humane thing to do
Ya know, I don't know if this pike would have lived anyway either but I know its not gonna live now. Most everybody here on this site agrees that we need to return big fish to the water-pike, bass, lake trout, etc. But when an actual situation comes up it seems like we look for excuses to say its OK.

There is no need to keep big fish. You can get a replica-it won't ever dry out, the fins won't crack. What the guy did was perfectly legal but I just think we tend to look the other way alot. I am passionate about this issue and I don't mean to offend this guy or his kid-I just wish the fish was still swimming in Skaguay so somebody else would have a chance to catch it.
remember unless the mold for a replica was made from your fish it is realy a replica of somebody elses fish for some that is not acceptable

i could go buy a rep of something i never caught i could line the walls of my den from ebay and never go fishing they work for some but not for others

i think very few people here want ALL big fish released even ice's proposed regs allow for the keeping of some big fish, if i caught that fish i would have kept it to eat it and if we liked the taste i'd keep the next but you wont find me keeping several big guys at atime

remember the bigger they are the older they are (in general) and thus closer to death and while there is much to be said for the circle of life and that dead fish on the bottom returning nutrients to the lake a dead fish on the wall has it pluses also

if we all kept 2-3 big fish of each of the species we catch to mount during our lives that would hardly be an impact on the resource.

now if someone were to kill and mount/eat every big fish you catch and throw back the meddium sized fish i just might have to limber up the whip and have a little chat with them
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roadkill-I am probably just about alone in my position on keeping big fish. I know that. But I honestly think the attitude that its OK to keep a big fish of each species 2 -3 times in your life is wrong. Do the math-multiply the liscenses they sell times 2 or 3. Heck, I bet most of the big fish that get kept end up in the garbage after the guy has shown if off to his friends.

With replica mounts I just don't see why people see the need to kill a magnificent fish.
1st, Craig, congrats to you and your dad. Wicked fish!
I do want to add that I agree w/ Kirbydog. This situation is different though. A fish that big and no fight. Something was wrong w/ it. Also, They are friends w/ a taxidermist. Although my gut feeling is that all big fish should be released (in CO anyway). If my buddie was taxidermist, and I was looking at paying cost, or paying $300 - $400 for a replica? I wouild probably do the same. Oh, and I'd keep the scars to. Anyway, again, nice fish, and welcome to the site.

Kirbydog --- 99% of the time I agree w/ you on the releasing. Especially in CO. From the looks of the way things are going, Pike like that are quickly dissapearing (and won't be replaced). It's sad.

How come I don't see trees in the background?

Bwahaahahahahahahahhahhaaa!...Welcome!! will fit right in!

It sounds like there was something severely wrong with that pike and that she was about to buy the farm anyway...
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