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I'm on a board of directors and I'm handle all the clubs sponsor stuff. I'm not going to fish many local tournaments until my term is up which will be the end of next year. I've been at 4 of the 5 tournaments to watch, take pictures, and drop off prizes. A great group of anglers that compete hard but still manage to keep a fun friendly environment.

There's an open qualifier that I'll be fishing to get into the tournament of champions. I'm going to pre-fish Lake Fork for 4 days... I've heard they school up offshore in November out there and you can get into a school of tanks. Deep cranking isn't my strong suite so I've been practicing quite a bit out here. Hopefully I can find a few solid patterns in shallow where I can really put a hurting on them, but if not I want to be prepared to catch them out deep. There's going to be at least a handful of Colorado guys at the qualifier.

I'm going to fish the River Bassin trail next year.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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