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wierd fish

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whats the wierdest thing youve ever heard being caught out of a colorado lake or pond ....When i was a kid at croke we seen a little alligator or croc in the lake ....I told my mom and my dad no one believed me . Three weeks later someone had caught it when we were there it was only like 18inches long . Im sure some dude just let his pet go but still pretty interesting .....
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a guy down here caught a nice big piranha
A guy a few years ago caught a pirana around 15" in the colorado river by corn lake, right next to the DOW office. I remember its picture in the paper.
I have caugt a large koi / goldfish in a mountain lake took it home as a pet....lived for years..
Does anyone know if there's any tiger trout stocked in Colorado? I've seen them caught out of Utah lakes, but haven't heard much about them around the front range.
there was a pond in frasier that my uncle used to swear they had them ....he used to say the had them in blue mesa too.....Mind you this is the same guy that fishes with a fly and a bubble no matter what the situation ...bass fishing, trout,bluegill, anything fly and a bubble ...
i've heard Twin lakes produces some wierd fish every now and then but never saw any

anyone else heard of this?
can't say for colorado but one year in MN the lake I grew up on winterkilled and we had dead fish literally stacked a foot deep on the beach in the spring.

The weirdest fish of all of them was a giant it was creepy, like a prehistoric monster.
I was bass fishing at ward road ponds and hooked into a big albino channel cat.
I've got a little albino perch a couple weeks ago from south platte ponds.
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