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Batteries dead on cam so no pics sorry.

Williams Fork had several people hitting the spawning salmon snaggin but we trolled for the big boys. Picked up a few nice bows and several lakers but nothing special.

When we got to Ganby we hit the lake early every day and fished it hard. Most of the time we couldn't keep both poles in the water the action was so hot. The Lakers are definitely hitting spawning mode and hitting anything presented about 50 FoW. We went through at least 7 dozen worms and picked up 30+ fish about 50/50 bows and lakers. Several lakers pushing 25" and fat as can be. Wish my camera had some batteries! Fish stacked up off dam #2 assuming salmon but couldn't get them to bite on anything I had in the box. (Needlefish, squid in various colors, wedding rings you name it.

It was cold but the fishing was worth it if you get a chance to make another trip.
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