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Got on the ice around 7 A.M. Tried over near the dam on the stucture off the cliffs , but marked no fish. Headed across the lake towards the inlet end and set up on a place I had marked previously with my GPS. This spot is just off the shelf that drops into the channel on the inlet side , of the huge bay where 3-rocks are at. We were fishing 47' of water. Fished till 12:30 and only iced 12 Macs between 4 of us. Fished 2 1/2" glow tubes and Gitzits tipped with sucker strips. Ice was 24-30" thick and there was about 6" of slush starting on the top. It sure was nice getting home early and beating the ski traffic. Temps were in the forties, with a 10-20 mph wind in the afternoon. Fish sizes were the normal 18-22" . Didn't fish for any Pike. Sorry for the late report!
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