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Anyone got info on the ice melting off?
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you still have an easy 3 week to fish it ice is 18-20 inches thick i was there on saturday and live like 45 min from the res
There'll be ice at Williams Fork for a while still, plus there's a good bit of snow still on top. makes for some tuff walking :(
I was there yesterday 3/12. The ice is still 18 - 20 inches thick. Spotted fish at ranges from 80 feet to 23 feet. I drilled 30 holes and fished all day and got verry few bits. I tried at the 23 feet dept got no bites. At 55 feet I got a couple bits but landed nothing. A fellow came along and fished about 30 yards form me and he was getting hits. He ended up with 4 small lakers in 80 feet of water. I went over to see what he was using and he was using a white tube with sucker meet. The funny thing is he had placed the tube on backwards on the jig. I tried this and still didn't get hits. He cleaned the fish before he left and they were full of little shrimp. Some were still alive so they were feeding on them just as he caught them. When he left I moved to his hole and I still got nothing. I moved again to 62 feet and finally hooked a one small one. It swallowed the hook so I had to keep it. When I gutted it, it also was full of little tiny shrimp. I doubt that I will get out there again if someone does please post a reprort. :'(
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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