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Williams Fork update

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Fished WF on Thurs. besides all the mishaps of trying to launch the boat, it was terrible!!!!  Stuck in mud, the wind and poor fishing!!  Fished from 10:30 a.m. till 5p.m. a few hits on anything from Kastmasters to tube jigs,and Rapalas, never hooked a fish! Damn weather!  It snowed, rained, hailed and thunder all day.  Water is very low, the best place to launch was to the right of the east ramp, mud everywhere!  Talked to a couple of guy's that had been there a few days and only caught 1 6lb laker.  Best of luck to anyone that might hit it in better weather!!!  Tight lines
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Did you stuck the truck, trailer, or both? I got stuck trying to shore launch on green mountain about 8 years ago. I tried to get the trailer out till until all four truck tires went in. The boat was still 20 feet from the water. I can relate, live and learn. I took a pretty good ribbing from my brother who rescued everything.
fished the fork on sunday in the morning it was slow but it picked up in the afternoon we landed 5 macs nothing big though the biggest was 18 smallest was 15
what part of the lake where u catching those lake trout where u using sucker meat
on the westside off the point in the middle part of the lake between the two boat docks i suggest that you dont drive down there though it is really muddy yes on sucker meat
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