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Williams Fork

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Trying to decide between Williams Fork or 11-Mile to fish for Pike. Haven't been up to the Fork in a while, just wondering if anyone else has?
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trinok said:
Hey Neal,

Me and my bro are headin' up to Williams Fork tonight in search of Pike. ;D Hopefully the bite is good. We'll be usin' suckers on the bottom and spoons mostly. Haven't seen any reports on the forum lately so, not too sure how the action is up there. I'll let you guys know how we did when we get back Sunday.
The most consistant pike pattern in all waters for me is a buzzbait in the shallows late and early in the day. Never go pike fishing without buzzbaits at spinnerbaits.
My best lures at Williams Fork have always been big spoons, jointed raps, buzzers, spinnerbaits, and soft jerkbaits.
Neal/CO said:
They also like those 3" Power Craws with the orange claws. Unfortunately they will be illegal after January 1st :mad:

I use an old Bass soft plastic called the Vibra Fin Leech up there most of the time.
Possible good news. I heard some very sharp comments at angler's meetings are forcing the director to relook the regulation and possibly ask to commission to repeal it.
If it does stand, there are craws that are unscented you can use.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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